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After Rescuing Senior Who Broke His Hip While Doing Yard Work, Firefighters Return To Mow His Lawn

After attending to an 88-year-old man who broke his hip while mowing the lawn, firefighters returned to the senior’s home and finished the yard work for him.


Howard Storelee from Rochester, Washington has kept up his lawn by himself since the death of his wife five years ago. However, when he was mowing his lawn last week, he fell. He was out of sight of neighbors and passers-by, and no one could see that he needed help. He lay there for four hours.

Finally, three middle-schoolers walking down the street heard his calls for help and dialed 911. Three responders from the West Thurston Regional Fire Authority arrived and took Storelee to the hospital. Then, they attended to the rest of their duties throughout the day before all agreeing to go back to Storelee’s house that evening and finishing his yard work for him.

“There was no hesitation from anybody,” EMT and firefighter Alexander Trautman told The Washington Post. “We talked to our lieutenant and captain, and they were 100 percent behind it.”

“We knew he’d be down for a while. We figured the least we could do was go back and help out.”

Storelee’s grandson took to Twitter to share the story of the firefighters who helped save his grandfather and also helped keep his lawn tidy.

“My granddad fell this morning while mowing the lawn and broke his hip. The EMT’s that took him to the hospital came back and finished his job for him,” the tweet said.

Captain Dyer reached out on the West Thurston Dire Department Twitter account responded, saying that they hope his grandpa is doing okay and “to let us know if there is anything we can do.”

Hopefully Storelee will heal up soon and be able to return to his lawn duties!

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