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Full House: Philadelphia Woman Adopts Four Kids, Plans To Also Adopt Their Two Siblings

A Philadelphia woman who had been fostering three siblings decided to adopt them—and when she found out there were two additional siblings she hadn’t known about, she decided to adopt them too.

It will be a full house for Bobbie Floyd!

“I realized they were going to separate them and my whole thing was keeping the kids together because I know how hard it was to keep siblings together. Never realizing that there were six. It just so happened that I found siblings with six of them. I kept them all together,” Floyd told FOX 29 Wednesday.


Floyd’s husband died in 2024, and she began fostering four of the siblings a few years later. She recently adopted those siblings and plans to officially adopt the other two in the future. Floyd also has two biological children and two stepchildren. Wasn’t this a TV show?

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