Extra Credit: Saudi Teacher Gives Student New Kidney

In Saudi Arabia, a teacher donated one of his kidneys to a middle school student. The student had been suffering for years from kidney failure, and the teacher’s compassionate and humanitarian act is showing us how teachers are more than mentors and are willing to help their students in all sorts of ways.


Hassan Magrabi, the kidney donor, said in an interview that he had visited the student’s father and spoke with him about the kidney donation. The student’s father asked him to wait a bit and reconsider. But Magrabi was determined to help, and he visited a second time. After medical examinations, Magrabi was found to be a match with the student. The transplant process was a success.

The student, Ahmed—who now considers Hassan as a father figure—expressed his happiness after the operation. Teachers! Is there anything they won’t do for their students?

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi