Treat Yourself To This Wholesome Video Of An Adorable Little Girl Dressed Like BB-8 Meeting Her Idol

The BB-8 costume is no Elsa gown. It takes commitment to wear that giant beachball. And for a little girl determined to dress up like her favorite Star Wars character, it paid off. Four-year-old Belle got some unexpected love at Hollywood Studios in Florida when she was personally escorted to meet some major Star Wars players.

Belle made such an impression on the stormtroopers that they offered to escort her and her mother Brittany Beard to meet Kylo Ren. Beard said Belle was a little nervous about meeting the emo antagonist of the recent films and wanted to make sure he knew she was not the real BB-8.

“I am just a little girl dressed up!” she said. “I am just a little girl!”

Belle was finally able to meet her real hero, BB-8, and her mom captured the moment on video. It’s very adorable.

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Posted by Brittany Beard on Saturday, May 4, 2019

The guy in the room melting down over her reaction is also amazing. Beard shared the encounter on Facebook, and it has been viewed more than 500k times. If you’re feeling awful today, this is a very pure thing to watch.

She even got a hug.

Just look at that little face!

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi