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Three-Year-Old Tries To Help Tornado-Destroyed Neighborhood With His Play Tools, And I’m Not Crying Or Anything

I love seeing toddlers on tricycles. They look so proud to be vrooming around, but they’re not typically on a quest to rebuild their neighborhood. Not the case with three-year-old Dax. The industrious tot took to his trike, riding around to find ways he could help around his grandmother’s tornado-destroyed Tennessee neighborhood.

His grandmother, Susan Dyer, shared an image of Dax being a good helper on Facebook with the caption: “My grandson Dax, in our subdivision. He told me ‘he had to come work to help his neighbors with their broken houses. He said that’s what God wants us to do…what you can’t see, he has his hammer and tools on the back of his trike!”

My grandson Dax, in our subdivision. He told me “he had to come work to help his neighbors with their broken houses.” He…

Posted by Susan Stout Dyer on Friday, March 6, 2020

Dax was spending the day with his grandmother because daycare was closed due to the effects of the tornado, and his mother had to work. He heard his grandmother talking with his older brother about going to help down the street and proceeded to get his play tools, place them on his trike, and put on goggles. He asked his grandmother, “Suesue, are we going to help our neighbors because their houses are broken?”  She replied yes, and asked him why he thought we should do that.

His reply? “Because that’s what God wants us to do, help our neighbors!”

Dyer lives in Prosperity Point in Cookeville, one of the areas affected by the tornado that killed at least 24 people and destroyed buildings and homes.

“As a grandparent I try to be very intentional with using the time I spend with him to teach him what love really looks like based on our faith,” said Dyer. “I wasn’t surprised at all because he is a sweet child! Our community has experienced something horrible and something beautiful at the same time. We are broken but we are strong.”

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