3D Printing Companies Are Helping Save Lives By Making Ventilator Valves For This Overwhelmed Hospital

A hospital in Brescia, Italy is reportedly using 3D-printed replacement parts in order to keep its intensive care unit running. With the urgent need for items such as ventilator valves, 3D printing companies are helping to save lives.

The hospital needed extra valves for ventilator devices sooner than its usual supplier could provide them. So the hospital had to think outside the box. They called local 3D printing companies that are able to manufacture the necessary valves and get them to the hospital quickly.

Due to the hospitals quick thinking—and the printing company’s quick work, ten patients were able to be treated with ventilators in one evening, reports 3D Printing Media.

“There were people in danger of life, and we acted,” said Cristian Fracassi, the technician who made the valves. “Firstly, don’t call us, as some have, heroes. Sure, people were about to die, but we only did our duty. Refusing would not have been a cowardly act, but murderous.”

The parts being manufactured go to an individual patient who can now be oxygenated in the hospital. The shortage of valves shows just how precarious the entire situation is, but it’s great that with innovative solutions, these companies can help even a little bit.

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Posted by Cristian Fracassi on Saturday, March 14, 2020

Fracassi posted on Facebook that he is currently working on making another hundred ventilator valves for the hospital. More companies are beginning to contribute as well.

“Tonight we go to sleep knowing that we have done something useful,” he wrote. “Tomorrow delivery.”

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi