Trader Joe’s Employees Band Together To Demand Hazard Pay, Get Bonuses

trader joes coronavirus

In response to unprecedented sales increases due to the coronavirus pandemic, Trader Joe’s plans to set up a “special bonus pool” for its store employees.

According to an internal company memo, reviewed by Business Insider, the pool will be divided equally among employees based on sales at each store and employee hours worked.

“We want to acknowledge the incredible hard work and dedication of our Crew Members in supporting each other and our communities by sharing the financial benefit of this sales increase with our store crew who have worked so hard during the past several weeks, and for as long as this challenge remains,” the memo said.

trader joes coronavirus

“Trader Joe’s workers — from the distribution warehouses to the stores — need hazard pay now,” says the petition, which had more than 10,000 signatures as of Tuesday. “We are exposing ourselves (and our loved ones) to COVID-19. We aren’t being paid for the extra work we’re doing or the risk we’re undertaking. We’re being told we can’t wear gloves. We are terrified.”

The memo was sent on Monday after a petition demanding hazard pay and guaranteed wages for Trader’s Joe’s workers in the event of store closures had begun to circulate online. Over 15,000 signatures sought extra compensation for employees exposed to dangerous conditions at a rate of time-and-a-half.

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca