3 Lifelong BFFs Move In Together To Ride Out Quarantine—Along With A Supply Of Wine

The UK government is expected to release a country-wide recommendation that citizens over 70 self-quarantine for up to four months in order to avoid COVID-19 infection.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that he appreciated the precaution is “a very big ask of the elderly and vulnerable,” but ultimately “it is for their own good.” Hancock said that at this time there is no way to know how long the recommendation will be in place. “We’ll be setting it out with more detail when it is the right time to do so,” he said.

Doreen, Carol, and Dotty, all in their 70s, would prefer to spend this possibly indeterminate amount of time together.

via BBC Breakfast

The ladies appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss their plans. “We’ll have a week in our own homes in self-isolation and if we’re still fit and well then we would decide which house to go and live in,” Doreen told presenter Jayne McGubbin.

They listed the pros and cons of each of their homes to decide where to stay.

via BBC Breakfast

“Dotty’s got a lovely long back garden, which would be great for exercising,” Doreen said. Carol’s home also has a garden, and Doreen said her place has more of “yarden,” but that it also has a front room that “might be handy” in case they get snippy with one another.

“And I’ve got Netflix so we could watch ‘The Crown.’”

via BBC Breakfast

The women have been through so much together over the years, they feel it’s only right they wait out the pandemic together. “We’ve seen each other through divorces and loss— we go on holiday together, we look after each other.”

The friends joked that they will be sure to secure a supply of wine before holing up together.

via BBC Breakfast
Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca