Clean Break: This Man Is Bringing Portable Hand Washing Stations To The Homeless

Many of us are washing our hands frequently (and obsessively) during the COVID-19 pandemic. But some folks who are experiencing homelessness don’t often have that opportunity. That’s why one Atlanta man is bringing portable hand washing stations to the homeless, giving them a better chance of keeping healthy.

Terence Lecrae, one of the organizers of Love Beyond Walls, a group that supports the needs of the homeless community in Atlanta, came up with the idea to provide portable handwashing stations to the homeless.

“I started wondering how homeless people would keep their hands cleans, it’s already difficult,” Lecrae said. “The reality is some people are going to live on the streets and be on the streets.”

Lecrae started working on getting his plan into motion as quickly as possible. He got in touch with RV manufacturers because they are able to use the technology that helps build portable handwashing stations. Within a week, 15 stations each holding between five and ten gallons were donated to Lecrae. “

“When I was experiencing homelessness being out there, you would have to go a mile or two to wash your hands or go to the bathroom,” Lecrae said. “I wanted to make sure we put stations in parts where people are under bridges, just in case someone wants to stop and wash their hands.”

Lecrae plans to help other organizations bring more fresh water resources to the homeless struggling during this uncertain time. You can also help and donate to Love Beyond Borders.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi