Good+ Foundation Is Helping Get Diapers And Other Essential Items To Families In Need

Good+ Foundation, which has operated since 2001 with the goal of eradicating multigenerational poverty through targeted donations of essential items to marginalized families, is still working hard during the COVID-19 pandemic to support those in need. Many businesses have shut-down, leaving folks unemployed or unable to access needed items—and that’s where Good+ comes in.

Founded by Jessica Seinfeld—who aside from being a cookbook author and philanthropist is comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s wife—Good+ Foundation pairs good with social services, such as skills training, employment assistance, continuing education, financial literacy, and parenting classes. With warehouses and offices in New York City and Los Angeles, the foundation grants more than $6 million in product donations annually. They also make donations to programs in other cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.


Recently, one of the LA program managers, Tony, managed to deliver a truckload of diapers, toys, and supplies for families in need—and his selflessness no doubt has eased the burden on some grateful families. With careful coordination, safest practices, and physical distancing, Tony was able to make his delivery to Good+’s LA partner organizations.

You can support Tony and the other folks at Good+ as they work to help families during this crisis. Text ‘Good Plus’ to 44321 to support the fund—and check out for more information.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi