Spanish Cops Rock Out During Lockdown To Entertain Quarantined Residents

cops spain quarantine

Unless we’re talking beloved American television show Cops or The Village People, it can be unexpected for police officers to provide entertainment—But in Mallorca, Spain, police have been performing in the streets to lift citizens’ housebound spirits.

Heidi Friedenberger caught the officers on camera as they paused their rounds to sing and dance outside of her home in Algaida.

The entire country of Spain has been on lockdown since a state of emergency was declared on March 14. It is the second-most affected country after Italy, with its infection rate and death count surpassing stats of larger nations. The lockdown was originally set for a period of two weeks, but the minister of transportation, José Luis Ábalos, says it will have to last more than 15 days in order to defeat the novel coronavirus.

In the meantime, the stir-crazy, the anxious, and the lonely are all grateful for a chance to lean out the window or dance on the balcony, to sing along with their musical police force. And Twitter loves it.

Even a few overseas police tweeted their approval.

The song is a children’s song and traditional dance called Joan Petit, sung in Catalan, a language spoken in eastern and northeastern Spain, parts of France and in Sardinia, Italy. The song is also sung in Spanish, French, and Occitan in Southern France.

All over Spain, people are finding a way to connect with one another throughout the difficult lockdown period.

In Barcelona, musicians find a way to play together even as they self isolate.

And balconies in Madrid erupt with applause to cheer on exhausted Spanish Healthcare workers.

Written by Susan LaMarca