15-Year-Old Beats Cancer And Is Welcomed Home With A Huge Surprise “Social-Distancing Parade”

Actor and director John Krasinski sought refuge from relentless and distressing pandemic-related news stories on Wednesday and asked Twitter for #SomeGoodNews.

April Danz, mother of Courtney “Coco” Johnson, answered the call with a video of her 15-year-old daughter returning home after a 10-month battle with cancer.

“I was just completely overwhelmed,” Coco told Buzzfeed. “I wasn’t expecting anything, and I was just so surprised and grateful that everyone showed up to celebrate me.”

“It really hit me at that moment that everyone was there for me,” she said.

The California teen was diagnosed with cancer the day after her eighth-grade graduation ceremony.

After many difficult and painful months, Coco completed her final chemotherapy session on Tuesday, but due to precautions taken during the coronavirus outbreak, she was unable to take part in the small ceremony normally held for outgoing patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

But her community figured out a way to safely celebrate Coco’s homecoming. Expecting only a few friends in cars, gathering on their street to wave to Coco at a safe distance, Danz was as surprised and touched as Coco was, as they drove past dozens and dozens of well-wishers with signs, streamers, and balloons.

Danz’s video of Coco provided much-needed relief and positivity to the timeline.

And then other celebrities caught wind of the uplifting video.

Danz knows why the video went viral: “I think it struck a chord in the country right now because people are needing to lean on others and get to know their neighbors.”

Relating to those isolated and in lockdown during the coronavirus outbreak, Coco reminds us, “It’s important to stick together and support each other in this hard time.”

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca