John Mayer Makes Generous Donation To Montana Hospital To Fund Ventilators

john mayer donation

John Mayer’s recent donation to a Park County, Montana hospital will help the community prepare for an inevitable influx of patients as more and more people become infected with the coronavirus daily.

Mayer had contacted the hospital looking for a way to help out and was able to donate to Livingston HealthCare through the Livingston HealthCare Foundation, the fundraising organization behind the non-profit hospital.

As reported by The Livingston Enterprise, hospital spokesperson Whitney Harris called the donation “generous” and said the money is being used to purchase ventilators.

Mayer’s financial contribution covers the cost of more ventilators than are currently available, but the hospital has the equipment on backorder. “We do have them ordered, and we do check on them every day to see where we’re at,” Harris said.

She added that Mayer was not looking for publicity and only agreed the hospital release his name in light of local media inquiries. The 42-year-old Grammy winner felt the story could boost community morale.

Harris agreed, “We all need a little pick-me-up right now.”

“We are incredibly grateful for his support of LHC and his dedication to the health and wellness of our community; John is one of us,” Livingston HealthCare Foundation President Babs Brandfass said.

Mayer has been living on his Montana ranch in the Park County area part-time since 2012. After selling his homes in New York and Los Angeles, the musician told CBS News that his new rural life offered him a certain freedom.

“It’s very liberating when you finally realize that it’s impossible to make everyone like you,” Mayer said at the time, relating his experience of life in the city versus the country. “I wanted everybody to like me.”

Livingston Healthcare is currently stocked with plenty of supplies although their store of personal protective equipment is dwindling. The Livingston HealthCare Foundation has set up an emergency response fund that will support Livingston caregivers and patients impacted by COVID-19. Donate here.

Other musicians who have recently donated to hospitals battling the coronavirus include Rihanna, Billy Joel, and James Taylor.

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca