Big Tuna Out Here Saving The World: John Krasinski Reunites “Hamilton” Cast To Surprise 9-Year-Old Superfan

John Krasinski’s new Youtube show ‘Some Good News’ is a beacon of positivity for people stuck at home and overwhelmed by dreadful news coverage. The show puts forth good news that may be getting drowned out in the constant flow of anxiety-inducing coronavirus reports.

Krasinski’s second episode in the series featured special guest and Hamilton lover, Aubrey, via Zoom. When asked how much she loves Hamilton on a scale of 1-10, the 9-year-old says “a million.”

Zoom Surprise: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 2

When you get the Hamilton Original Broadway Cast together with John Krasinski for a special #HamAtHome surprise... that's #SomeGoodNews!

Posted by Hamilton on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Aubrey and her mom had planned to celebrate her 9th birthday at a performance of Hamilton in Jacksonville but were forced to cancel due to COVID-19. Instead, the mother and daughter stayed in to watch Mary Poppins Returns.

Krasinski told the young fan, that once the outbreak is over, he will fly her and her mom to NYC to see the show on its original stage.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough for Aubrey, surprise guest—Krasinski’s wife and actual Mary Poppins—Emily Blunt, came into frame.

Mid-conversation, yet another surprise guest joined Krasinski’s call with Aubrey. This time it was her hero, Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. The superfan was speechless.

After (dream come true) chatting with Miranda for a bit, there was more.

Many others began to join the call. Music started to play and their voices joined in song. The entire original Broadway cast of Hamilton performed a Zoom singalong for an ecstatic Aubrey and Hamilton fans all over the world.

So many surprises! Aubrey’s mom thanked Krasinski and Miranda on Twitter.

The stars enjoyed it too. Check out their Twitter feeds for proof that spreading joy and positivity will make you, yourself — happy.

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca