Kids Make An At-Home “Restaurant” For Their Parents To Celebrate Their 15th Anniversary In Quarantine-Chic Style

kids make parents restaurant

When they realized their parents wouldn’t be able to take a fun trip to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary, 11-year-old Jayden and his brother, nine-year-old Jentzen, decided to pull off a thoughtful and extremely cute scheme.

Their parents, Brenden and Jacqui Brown, had planned to renew their vows in a little white chapel with Elvis in Las Vegas but were forced to cancel the trip due to the coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 related cancellations and postponements are disappointing people all over the world as people continue to be unable to travel or gather in groups, but thankfully, the couple’s two sweet boys figured out a way to mark the occasion without breaking quarantine.

The boys woke up early and transformed the house into their own little restaurant. They woke their parents and surprised them by showing them to their table for breakfast.

Instagram/ @jacquibrown

They’d set the table, created a menu, and dressed as waiters—then Jentzen took orders before serving them food cooked by Jayden.

Instagram/ @jacquibrown

They didn’t overlook any details, creating ambiance with candles and a live music performance.

Instagram/ @jacquibrown

In a video of the event, shot by Jacqui, Jentzen announced, “Your breakfast served by waiter Jentzen and made by cook Jayden,” as he dropped off their plates.

Brenden tasted his food and exclaimed, “It could be the best Frosted Flakes I’ve ever had in my life.”

Instagram/ @jacquibrown 

Mom and Dad were delighted. “They truly made the day so special and an anniversary they will never forget!” said Jacqui.

Instagram/ @jacquibrown

She even gave her sons a tip for such great service.

It’s so sweet that the boys helped their parents make an important memory on a special day. Check out how others are making the most of quarantine and safely celebrating with their other halves:

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Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca