No Lie: 2 Chainz Decides To Feed The Homeless Instead Of Reopening His Atlanta Restaurants

Rather than reopen his restaurant as social distancing protocol is loosening in Georgia, rapper 2 Chainz has chosen to focus his resources toward feeding Atlanta’s homeless.

The rapper fed over 120 homeless people in his home city on Monday, the same day set for table service to resume at both of his Escobar Restaurant and Tapas locations.

2 Chainz shared on Twitter, “Instead of opening Escobar Restaurant up today we decided to feed the homeless.”

2 Chainz, along with his business partner, Snoop Dillard, distributed the meals to a line of people in downtown Atlanta.

According to TMZ, Dillard continued the effort, driving around the neighborhood to deliver the butter chicken pasta dishes and bottles of water to people living on the street.

2 Chainz’s most recent effort to feed the people of Atlanta is not the rapper’s first act of generosity during the pandemic. Earlier this month, 2 Chainz and Dillard donated hundreds of meals from the restaurant to frontline healthcare workers.

According to Fox5 Atlanta, the partners donated hundreds of meals to front line medical workers at Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale.

2 Chainz chose this hospital because of the memories he has there. It is the place where his father died and where his daughter was born. Dillard told Fox they wanted to help out a smaller hospital that they feel hasn’t gotten the support larger and more well-known hospitals have garnered.

Beyond contributions from his restaurant, 2 Chainz has been serving the community for years via his TRU Foundation. Here they are last week delivering McDonald’s to kids and healthcare workers at Children’s Healthcare of ATL.

The rapper recently faced criticism for announcing plans to reopen the restaurant since Georgia’s governor Brian Kemp began to lift lockdown restrictions. 2 Chainz and Dillard have since backtracked their decision to open for dine-in customers and continue to offer takeout. Now the partners say they don’t know when they will reopen.

“After careful consideration, we are not going to open our restaurants on Monday. It has not officially been decided when we will start having dine-in service,” 2 Chainz told TMZ.

Both locations of Escobar Restaurant and Tapas have seen sales drop 95% amid the coronavirus lockdown. The restaurants cut hours for 80% of its staff.

Many people in Georgia feel Governor Kemp’s motions to reopen the economy are premature to say the least, and reckless at worst.

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca