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Bada Bing! Joseph Gannascoli AKA Vito From “The Sopranos” Raises Over $25K To Feed NYC’s Frontline Heroes

Joseph Gannascoli, famous TV mobster Vito Spatafore from The Sopranos, is playing a new role as a hero feeding frontline workers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

via Twitter/ @JoeRGannascoli

TMZ reports that early last month, the actor began a campaign to raise $50k to provide food for medical workers, firefighters, and other Americans sticking it out on the frontlines.

So far, Gannascoli has raised just over $25k via his GoFundMe. He has used the funds to support restaurants in his neighborhood, ordering food to be delivered to workers all over New York.

He’s been able to support local businesses that have taken a hit economically while supporting essential workers who put their lives on the line every day. Gannascoli has made countless deliveries to hospitals, fire and police departments, and to a US Post Office.

via Twitter/ @JoeRGannascoli

via Twitter/ @JoeRGannascoli

via Twitter/ @JoeRGannascoli

Recipients of his generosity include staff at Cohen Children’s Hospital, Nassau University Medical Center, and employees of the Lynbrook Police Department. The best part is that Gannascoli orders the food, picks it up, and delivers it himself.

via Twitter/ @JoeRGannascoli

Gannascoli says that as long as the money keeps coming in, he’ll be out there, feeding New York’s heroes.

But there’s more: remember Ida Acconciamessa, the 104-year-old coronavirus survivor? She’s Gannascoli’s aunt. Acconciamessa, ‘miracle’ survivor, has survived stage 4 melanoma, suffered two broken hips, and she lived through the Spanish Flu. Gannascoli is grateful for the good news that Acconciamessa has beaten the odds and come out on the other side of her COVID-19 diagnosis.

He may have played a gangster on TV, but, turns out, Gannascoli is just a good Italian-American nephew. He will deliver food to his aunt’s Brooklyn nursing home later this week.

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