Family Comes Up With Clever Plan To Spend Time With Grandmother In Nursing Facility—A Plexiglass Box

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to prevent people from seeing their loved ones, folks are coming up with increasingly innovative ways to forge connections. Theresa Goehring’s grandmother is 95 years old and was recently moved to a nursing facility to receive 24-hour care after ten years of living with a family member. The choice was difficult, but this woman—a mother of nine and a grandmother and great-grandmother—is deeply loved by her family, who wanted to do what’s best.

Theresa Meyer

The family was worried they wouldn’t be able see their matriarch safely with the pandemic going on, so they started brainstorming and came up with a solution. Some of the uncles own a building a remodeling company in Cincinnati, Ohio called Meyer Brothers and Sons. Using their experience in the industry, they built a plexiglass box. With the help of the nursing facility, Barrington of West Chester in Cincinnati, they recently set it up.

Theresa Meyer

Now, with the plexiglass box, the family can all be safely near their beloved matriarch. But it’s not just a private box for this family—all of the other residents can utilize it as well.

Theresa Meyer

“This brought me so much joy, and I hope it brings joy to others too,” Theresa told Tank’s Good News. “Maybe it will inspire some other nursing facilities to use this as a way for loved ones to be able to be close!”

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi