Man And Donkey’s Emotional Post-Lockdown Reunion Is Deadass Adorable

man and donkey reunited

Consider yourself warned, this touching video of a man reunited with his donkey after quarantine will make you cry.

Ismael Fernández calls out “Baldo, Baldo!” short for Baldomera, as he approaches where the donkey climbs up the hillside to greet his owner.

The five-year-old donkey had been staying with Fernández’s sister, and the man hadn’t seen his beloved burro for over two months.

He pats the donkey’s head and asks “Que pasa, que pasa” over and over, until he is moved to tears.

Yes, the whole video is in Spanish because Fernández and Baldomera live in Malaga, Spain, but you’ll get it.

The entire country of Spain has been locked down for nearly two months, but earlier this week restrictions began to loosen in parts of the south, and Fernández was finally able to visit Baldomera for the first time since quarantine began when he made the video.

Fernández feared the donkey wouldn’t recognize him, but the now-viral video shows otherwise.

Baldo brays with affection and excitement in response to his owner. Fernández said he wasn’t embarrassed to be heard crying in the video because he’s proud to share an expression of “unconditional love.”

Together again, at last.

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca