Denzel Washington Helped A Homeless Man Evade Oncoming Traffic, Then Offered Him A Mask And A Sandwich

denzel washington helps homeless man

We had a feeling, and now we know for sure—Denzel’s a real good guy. TMZ reports actor Denzel Washington helped a homeless man who was standing in oncoming traffic to safety in West Hollywood last Thursday.

Washington got out of his car wearing a mask, talked to the man and escorted him to the sidewalk. The man on the street was not wearing a mask, but Washington took the risk anyway.

Police arrived and Washington stayed by the man’s side until he was briefly detained and released for unknown reasons. A witness captured footage of Washington assisting the man and at one point squeezing his shoulder to comfort him.

According to the DailyMail, Washington tried to also give the man a sandwich and a face mask.

It’s not clear whether the man on the street knew the good samaritan he stood with on the sidewalk was in fact Denzel, but whether you recognize the A-lister or not, his act of kindness is an inspiration.

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca