103-Year-Old Great-Great-Grandma Celebrates COVID-19 Recovery By Cracking Open A Cold One

103 year old granny bud light

The first thing this 103-year-old great-great-grandmother did once she was officially cleared of COVID-19 was to crack open a cold one to celebrate.

Three weeks ago, Jennie Stejna was the first in her Wilbraham, Massachusetts nursing home to test positive for the coronavirus. As her condition declined, her family was told to say their goodbyes.

When her loved ones asked her if she was ready to go, Stejna replied, “Hell, yes.” But she didn’t get off so easy.

By May 13, the tough old lady had made a near-full recovery.

“She always had that feisty fighting spirit,” Shelley Gunn, her granddaughter said. “She didn’t give up.”

“This feisty old Polish grandmother of ours officially beat the coronavirus,” Gunn’s husband, Adam, added.

Nursing home staff knew Stejna hadn’t been able to enjoy a beer in a long time, so they made sure she had a bud to mark the occasion with.

Watch Stejna enjoy that first crisp sip in this video posted by TMZ.

Stejna has lived in western Massachusetts all her life. According to her family, she is a “hardcore Boston sports fan.”

“She used to sit outside and listen to the Red Sox on the radio,” Gunn told Wicked Local.

Gunn grew up 10 minutes away from her Babci, as she calls her grandmother in Polish, and spent summers with her grandparents swimming in the lake and going for ice cream in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts.

“We’re truly very thankful,” Gunn said of her beloved grandmother’s recovery.

Bud Light tweeted, “Your next beer is on us,  Jennie.”

Stejna’s nursing home is still caring for 33 residents who have tested positive for the virus.

The Bud Light lover’s recovery and her spirited toughness will likely inspire others as they battle illness.

Written by Susan LaMarca