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A Tweet From NFL Punter Marquette King Inspired People To Come Together And Clean Up City After Protests

After peaceful protests in downtown Phoenix were disrupted by looting and vandalism on Saturday night, former Raiders’ punter Marquette King put out a call to his community via Twitter, asking Phoenix to join him in an effort to clean up the city.


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On Sunday morning, King tweeted, “Since I’m a resident of AZ I’m gonna be in Downtown Phoenix around 10ish with gloves and trash bags cleaning up the city,” King tweeted. “All races are welcome to come clean the city with me. Officers should come too.”

Over a dozen people showed up to pick up trash and scrub graffiti from the walls and windows of downtown businesses.

Most of the volunteers were strangers compelled to kindness by King’s tweet, but Arizona State football player Robert Nelson knew King from the NFL and got out there to show his support.

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King told 12 News, “There’s a lot of division, and I’m all about peace and love. That’s what I want my message to be,” King said during the cleanup efforts.

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The All-Pro punter and his fellow volunteers spent hours restoring the downtown area. Afterward, he posted a picture of the clean-up crew.

He wrote, “Today was a success. #GeorgeFloyd was a believer in peace and love as well as myself n everyone that was out here today helping people in Phoenix. It’s ok to be different! I choose to make an impact in showing love n peace. Make a difference but be smart and calculated.”

King has always exuded life-affirming positivity with his playful and uplifting personality.

His donkey dance, for example:

“I like to make other people’s day,” King previously said in an interview with The Undefeated.

“You might catch [someone] that might want to kill somebody today, but you walk up to them and you’re like, ‘How’s your day going?’ You know, then you crack a joke … [they] might not want to kill [that someone] today. You never know.”

King’s ability to lead from an authentic loving and positive point of view will keep people’s spirits lifted when they most need to come together and fight for what is right.

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca