BLM Hero Dan Gregory Took A Bullet While Shielding Protestors From Driver Plowing Into Crowd

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27-year-old Daniel Gregory is being hailed a hero on social media after shielding hundreds of fellow protestors from an armed man who drove into the demonstration with intent to harm.

via Seattle Times 

The Seattle Times reports a driver, identified as Nikolas Fernandez, plowed through a crowd of protestors gathered in a high traffic intersection at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Gregory says he punched Fernandez in the face in an attempt to stop him from driving into the crowd. That’s when the brave Black Lives Matter protestor took a bullet to his arm.

via Seattle Times

“I see a car run down Pine. I catch him and I punch him in the face. I hear the gunshot go off in my arm and I move right in time when he reaches for something,” Gregory recalled.

“My whole thing was to protect those people,” Gregory said as medics applied pressure to his gunshot wound and guided him to safety. “My whole thing was to protect those people down there.”

via Seattle Times

Gregory was treated by medics on site and transferred to Harborview Medical Center. Gregory remains in stable condition, but his brother wrote on Instagram that due to the gunshot wound, he would require surgery.

After the shooting, Fernandez exited the car, waving his gun in the direction of protestors before turning himself in to the police. According to arrest records obtained by Twitter sleuths, the shooter was taken into custody without bail at Kings County Correctional Facility.

Black Lives Matter Seattle, along with Gregory’s brother Dino, have set up a GoFundMe to cover the cost of Gregory’s medical expenses and rehabilitation.

In just one day the fundraiser has surpassed its goal of $60,000 and risen to over 200K. Donate here.

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Written by Susan LaMarca