11-Year-Old Aspiring Rapper’s Bedroom “Studio” Setup Goes Viral, And Now Insiders Are Hooking Him Up With Gear


Since uploading his first Youtube video just last month, 11-year-old aspiring rapper, Ray3rd, has caught the attention of the music industry.

via Instagram/ @deehud3

In his video, Ray3rd, formerly known as ‘Hotboyfire,’ posted an original rap and shared his dreams of becoming a rapper with the internet.

“I like rapping. It’s just what I wanna do and what I wanna be when I grow up,” he said.

Ray’s big break came when a photo of the young rapper performing in his makeshift bedroom “studio” went viral on Twitter.

The post has over 30K retweets and more than 180K likes. At some point during the steady flow of engagement, songwriter and producer Kenny Beats saw the photo and decided to hook the young artist up with some professional equipment.

Once Kenny Beats put the idea out there, all of Twitter wanted to pitch in and help Ray achieve his dream.

Even Beats by Dre got in touch to help.

Kenny Beats facilitated the order and got in touch with Ray so they could send him the crowdsourced gear.

The discovery of Ray’s Youtube uncovered more gems to be shared.

Ray says he’s grateful for all the help and to all the people who’ve subscribed to his channel.

Can’t wait to cop more shares from Ray3rd! Here’s his latest:

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca