“Humanity First”—Black Lives Matter Protester Heroically Carries Counter-Protester To Safety

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As the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd continue, we’ve seen some remarkable stories of heroism from protesters and community members fighting against racism and police brutality. Recently, a Black Lives Matter protester in London, England carried a white counter-protester to safety, and his story has gone viral.

BLM protester Patrick Hutchinson was photographed scooping up a white counter-protester and carrying him to safety after the crowd turned on him.

Hutchinson and a group of his friends attended a demonstration against racism near Waterloo station in London to provide security and help deescalate any potential violence. A white man reportedly protesting against the demonstrators soon found himself surrounded.

“The guy ended up on the floor and these guys [Hutchinson’s friends] rushed in to stop him from getting trampled,” Hutchinson said in an interview with the BBC. “His life was under threat.”

Hutchinson then picked up the counter-demonstrator in a fireman’s carry, draping him across his shoulder to bring him out of danger.

“I thought ‘well if he stays here he’s not going to make it,’ so I just went under, scooped him up, put him on my shoulders and sort of started marching towards police with him,” Hutchinson said.

“I could actually feel him taking strikes and hits,” Hutchinson explained. “I really feel that if we hadn’t intervened when we did, I genuinely think he may have died.”

Hutchinson said he didn’t protect the man solely to save him, but also to save the Black Lives Matter movement from being tarnished by violence.

“We have a platform at the moment, we’re being listened to and I didn’t want the narrative to change to something ugly or negative,” Hutchinson said. “I’m saving two lives right there. I’m saving the man that’s just about to get squashed up and beat up. And then I’m saving those young boys to get a life sentence.”

He also said the BLM movement has to be better than the police officers they protest against. Hutchinson said “we’re different” than the officer who stood by while George Floyd died and that Floyd would “be alive today” if those officers had intervened as he and his friends did.

“When I saw that my heart bled and I thought we’re different, we’re not like that. Humanity first.”

Masha Fante

Written by Masha Fante