Turns Out This Viral “Skateboarding Businessman” Lives In A Shelter And Teaches Less Fortunate Kids How To Skate

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A video of a man skateboarding while wearing a suit went viral on Twitter and Instagram, and viewers quickly became obsessed. Naturally, viewers wanted to know who this man is and how he hit a streetplant so effortlessly in those nice pants.

Avery Baxter, a 38-year-old man from the Bay Area, said he had actually never attempted that trick before. He was on his way to visit his adopted mom for Mother’s Day when he walked by a group of skaters and decided to try a new trick.

Baxter has been skating his whole life, taught his four children to skate, and now teaches low-income children to skate. Baxter teaches children ages three to 11, and works with low-income families because “it’s more important for their kids to do something positive,” he told Jenkem Magazine.

Baxter was staying at a transitional shelter in Oakland, CA, but despite hardships, Baxter still wore a suit everywhere. Baxter told Jenkem his adopted father taught him “you never have a second chance to make a first impression,” and Baxter loves feeling like he made a good first impression.

Many readers loved Baxter’s positive outlook on life and desire to give back to kids.

Baxter told Jenkem he wants to spread positivity and loves teaching children new skills.

“I enjoy seeing kids smile and just living their lives and being a kid, cause it goes by fast, in the blink of an eye,” Baxter said. “One day you’re ten, then the next you’re in your 20s with a whole lot of responsibility. So this [skateboarding] is like my outlet for my anxiety from all my issues that I’ve gone through. This is how I channel it.”

One of Baxter’s sons reached out to a Twitter user whose thread blew up, and said Baxter is now on Cash App, $ave1028.


Written by Esther Bell