Black Twins’ “Twin-monade” Stand Gets A Boost From The Community After A Woman Complained About Their Licensing

Remember in the not so distant past, folks were making it a habit to call in complaints on Black children selling lemonade or other kid-type entrepreneurial activities? Yeah, that’s still happening. But seven-year-old Savannah, Georgia twins Kamari and Kamera are persevering—and their lemonade is so good people are waiting more than an hour for the beverages.

After a photo of the girls’ business was posted, someone questioned if they had a permit.

“At first, I just thought it was fun, just creating a business for my daughters,” the twin’s father Quentin Lawyer said.

Lawyer said a white woman commented that the family probably didn’t have a license to sell their lemonade.

“A lady came in and was like, ‘I bet they don’t have a license.’ And other people were like, ‘how do you know that?’ and she was like, ‘I seriously doubt it,'” the dad explained.

So the family got the paperwork they needed, and customers turned out to support “Twin-Monade” in droves.

“We got the name because they are twins and then they said they wanted to sell lemonade so we just put it all together for twin-monade,” said mom Charnise Anderson.

“The fact that their parents didn’t let them get shutdown and they just continued to encourage them that much. I think it’s really important, an important message to send for them for their future,” said repeat customer Melyssa Amann.

The girls twin-monade stand has several flavors from coconut to watermelon and more, but their favorites are easy.

“Sour Punch and blue raspberry mixed- sour punch mixed up with red raspberry,” said Kamari and Kamera.

Customers are loving the delicious lemonade and also supporting black-owned businesses.

“We were talking today about it being Juneteeth and ways to support black businesses, said customers Shannon and Aimee Baxter. “So we thought this was the business that we wanted to make sure we supported today.”

“It’s really important that we do support black owned business as well because that’s very, that’s not a norm,” said customer Julian Rutledge.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi