“He Gets Angry When A Car Crosses By”—This Very Good Boy Helps Kindergarteners Safely Cross The Street Every Day

A brave stray dog who helps kids cross the street in the Republic of Georgia (so, the country, not the state) is honored with a new home and “People’s Choice Award.”

Via Instagram/ @lovelykupata

Kupata, the crossing guard dog, rose to internet fame after he was caught stopping traffic so a group of small children in Batumi, Georgia, could safely cross the street.

Via Instagram/ @lovelykupata


Via Instagram/ @lovelykupata


Via Instagram/ @lovelykupata

And according to locals, Kupata shows up for work every day.

“Kupata gets angry when a car crosses by every time,” a resident of Batumi told The Dodo.

“He takes his job very seriously. And sometimes he waits for children for one hour, to make sure that they feel safe in the park and they cross the street safely.”

Kupata is English for “sausage,” and the hardworking K-9 is named for the treats he’s rewarded with from a local butcher.

Although Kupata has a Facebook, an Instagram, a Youtube account, and is beloved worldwide, life hasn’t always been easy for the pup.

Via Instagram/ @lovelykupata

The stray dog has relied on the kindness of the people of Batumi to care for him, and they suspect his volunteer work as a traffic officer could be an expression of gratitude for the community.

The keeper of Kupata’s Instagram account told Bored Panda, “He came here 5 years ago from somewhere when he was a puppy, and since then he’s been living in the staircase of one of the apartments and people have been caring for him. Everybody loves Kupata.”

Via Instagram/ @lovelykupata

“He has three best friends: the woman named Nona, who feeds him, also one little girl, and Beka, who cares for him as well. Kupata grew up with kids, he loves playing with them. There is a park next to his place, so he is always playing with kids in that park.”

The local hero’s efforts have been officially recognized. Check out Kupata’s fully featured dog house…

Via Instagram/ @lovelykupata     

And the People’s Choice award presented to him by the city:

Kupata’s adoring fans even mounted a mural in his honor.

Kupata’s “social media rep” says, “He is popular not only in our country but in the whole world too. Since we published the video on how he is helping kids cross the road, many local people and tourists came to see Kupata and take some photos with him.”

Via Instagram/ @lovelykupata

But if you can’t make it to Georgia right now to rub Kupata’s belly in person, plenty of people are showing their love for the dog on social media too.

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca