Journalist Adopts Dog Who Won’t Stop Hugging Him

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Sometimes, you just know when a dog picks you. I remember visiting my dog for the first time at PetSmart (the shelter he was being cared at brings their pets there once a week for a showing). He was incredibly shy, but he crawled over and just sat on my lap and stayed there. I took him home the very next week, and he’s sitting here by my feet as I write this.

dog hug, dog hugging, dogs hugging, dogs hug

A dog at a shelter definitely chose his person—and the video of the tenacious pup has gone viral. This moment happened when a reporter visited the animal shelter to do a story. Suddenly, a very excited dog came up to him and just started hugging him in that very sweet way that dogs do, when their claws dig into your leg but you love them so much that it doesn’t matter.

Apparently, the reporter did not have any treats and had never seen the dog before, so this was super special. The reporter started petting the dog, and it became a love fest. It was such a beautiful moment that people nearby started recording.

So the reporter did what he had to do: adopted the dog.

You love to see it!

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi