Man Builds Wife Off-Road “Wheelchair” So They Can Go On Adventures Together And Now It’s Up For Mass-Production

A man built his wife an off-road wheelchair, and the couple is now taking the special needs vehicle to market so everyone can benefit.

Zack Nelson’s wife Cambry has used a wheelchair to get around for most of her adult life, but there are plenty of terrains not suitable for a traditional wheelchair.

Splicing together two electric bikes with a seat between them, Zack was able to create a vehicle that would drastically expand Cambry’s autonomy and physical world.

The couple has been so pleased with the vehicle, they have branded it Not-a-Wheelchair and have begun to mass-produce the product.

“The toughest challenge when developing ‘Not-A-Wheelchair’ is the price. We wanted to create something that is affordable for everyone,” Zack told Bored Panda.

Bored Panda reports most adaptive all-terrain vehicles come with a prohibitive price tag, or can create a sub-par user experience for the rider,  i.e. slow speeds or loud engines.

“Finding quality components, and a simple enough design at the cheapest price possible took quite a bit of time,” Zack explained.

“But I think we have something now that everyone will be able to enjoy, at a fraction of the cost of other ‘off-road wheelchairs’ currently on the market.”

Cambry still uses her wheelchair indoors, but now she hops in Not-A-Wheelchair, or as they call it, “The Rig” anytime she goes to the park or wants to enjoy an impromptu hike.

Beyond everyday outdoor activities, the couple has been able to travel far and wide with the vehicle.

“We have taken The Rig to Hawaii twice for testing. The bike has to be shipped with a freight company before we go, but we ship The Rig about a week before we fly out ourselves, and it’s waiting there for us when we arrive. All this travel was before COVID was a thing. Luckily, we also live near mountains and snow with long wide flat trails to try the bike out on,” Zack said.

Not-A-Wheelchair boasts some impressive specs, and that’s exciting because not only are there currently 2.7 million wheelchair users in the US, the demand for special needs vehicles is expected to grow exponentially as baby boomers age in the coming decade.

The Rig is fully electric, capable of speeds up to 12mph, and all but silent. It has a range of 10-20 miles on a single battery and up to 25-35 miles on two batteries. It even has a rear rack mounting system for hauling a wheelchair and camping gear.

Not-A-Wheelchair is also easily transportable by car and truck thanks to its detachable aluminum bumper. Zack and Cambry have successfully packed The Rig into Jeeps and Subaru Outbacks with the tailgate up.

And the base model is under $4,000!

Social media users have been inspired by Zack and Cambry’s story and are excited to welcome this much-needed product into the world.

via Facebook/ @Jerry Rig Everything
via Facebook/ @Jerry Rig Everything
via Facebook/ @Jerry Rig Everything
via Facebook/ @Jerry Rig Everything

For more information about Not-A-Wheelchair check out the video below or visit their website.

This is 'Not a Wheelchair' - Introducing The Rig

Customize your own 'Not-a-Wheelchair' right here: wanted to create something affordable, and capable and I think we've done it. Huge thanks to Utah Trikes for their help designing and manufacturing The Rig. We hope it brings as many miles of happiness, adventure, and exploration to you as it has done for us. Let us know what you think!

Posted by Jerry Rig Everything on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca