Amazon Frontline Workers Are Finally Receiving $500M In Bonuses As A Well-Deserved “Thank You”

As Americans continue to stay at home amid the pandemic, many have come to rely on e-commerce giant Amazon for the products and services they need.

Because all this demand has affected frontline workers at Amazon from warehouse employees to delivery drivers and everyone in between, Amazon has announced they’ll distribute more than $500 million in. “Thank You” bonuses to employees who worked on the front-line in the month of June.

“Our front-line operations teams have been on an incredible journey over the last few months, and we want to show our appreciation with a special one-time Thank You bonus totaling over $500 million,” said Amazon senior vice president of worldwide operations Dave Clark.

CNN Business reports bonus payouts are dependent on the employee’s role. Full-time employees of Amazon, Whole Foods, or contractors working for delivery service partners will get $500. Part-time employees or drivers will get $250, frontline leaders at Amazon and Whole Foods will get $1,000, and delivery service partner owners will get $3,000. Drivers for Amazon Flex who worked more than 10 hours in June will get $150.

The “Thank You” bonuses come after Amazon did away with a $2 hourly wage bump and double overtime pay for frontline workers at the end of May. It’s good to see the company is now making an effort to compensate its employees for risking their own health and safety.

Amazon has recently come under scrutiny concerning the conditions of its 110 fulfillment centers and warehouses across North America. At least 10 of 400,000 workers employed in their warehouses have died after testing positive for COVID-19.

In response to the aforementioned controversy and an ongoing lawsuit pertaining to coronavirus-related precautions— or lack there-of, at Amazon’s Staten Island facility, the company claims it will take more aggressive steps to prevent the spread of the virus. Measures include more than 150 “process changes” designed to increase safety in operations. Amazon says coronavirus-related costs to keep employees safe will grow from. $600 million spent in the first quarter to over $4 billion by the end of the second quarter.

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca