A Philly Beer Was Brewed To Support BLM, And It’s Already Sold Out

Last week a Philadelphia beer brewer, Marie-Claire Archbold saw a Facebook post in the  Philadelphia Homebrew Club advertising the Black is Beautiful project, a national brewing movement to raise funds for social justice causes.

Marie-Claire tagged a few of her brewing buddies in the post, some of the women she met with monthly to brew beer with before the onset of the pandemic.

“This could be our next beer,” she wrote in a comment under the post.

Through another Facebook post, she learned that several local brewers would be making the Black is Beautiful beer at Love City Brewing, and its proceeds would be donated to Black Lives Matter Philly.

The Black is Beautiful project kicked off at Weathered Souls Brewing Co., a Black-owned brewery in San Antonio, Texas. Its purpose was to bring more awareness to police brutality and social justice issues. Weathered Souls encourages other beer enthusiasts to create their own version of the stout recipe and to use their labels. They also ask brewers to donate all proceeds to police reform.

The Black is Beautiful project was “on my radar,” said Archbold. “I knew I wanted to get some and share it with my friends and know that we’ve contributed to fund-raising efforts.”

The owners of Love City Brewery partnered with nearby Harris Family Brewery and Philidephia based Two Locals Brewing Co., both black-owned businesses, to make this beer happen.

Philly’s version of the beer has some sweet, nutty flavors thanks to toasted coconut in the recipe. At $15 per four-pack and $85 for a case, it sold out in less than a week. The local team canned 160 cases, and Archbold was the first to purchase one.

While Love City’s version is sold out for now, its makers are unsure about its future. The donated proceeds from the beer’s sales are still being totaled.

Gabi Gimson

Written by Gabi Gimson