Antique Store Owner Gifts Student Piano After His Rendition Of “Don’t Stop Believin'” Goes Viral

A Northeastern University student, John Thomas Archer, made quite an impression at a Massachusetts antique store when he started playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” on a piano for sale.

One of the employees at ReMARKable Cleanouts began filming the young man’s even more remarkable performance, and the video started making its way around the internet. When store owner, Mark Waters, saw it he thought it was “fantastic,” he told Good Morning America.

The young man’s playing struck such a chord that Waters decided to give Archer a piano, and the store owner tracked him down on Facebook. When Archer learned that he was being gifted a Steinway, “he went into tears and it brought tears to my eyes,” said Waters. “It was one of those feel-good moments.”

Well, that’s music to our ears!

Gabi Gimson

Written by Gabi Gimson