Stolen Teddy Bear With Woman’s Late Mom’s Voice Recorded Is Returned After Ryan Reynolds Offers Reward

teddy bear returned

Thanks to a search effort led by celebrities, friends, and pretty much the entire city of Vancouver, Mara Soriano’s stolen Teddy Bear has been returned and is finally home safe!

“NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH ON HER!” Soriano tweeted Tuesday night. “Two kind Samaritans returned her to us in a safe space.” 

The audio recording within the bear containing Soriano’s mother’s voice speaking to her daughter in their native Tagalog was fully intact.

The bear was in Soriano’s backpack that was stolen, along with an iPad, Nintendo Switch, and a pair of passports, from the cab of a U-haul she and her fiancé had rented to move into a new apartment last week. 

The stuffed animal is of great significance to Soriano because her mother recorded the voice message inside while in treatment for cancer before she passed in early 2019.

As soon as she realized it was gone, Soriano took to social media (and the streets) to organize a search party that was quickly joined by the media and celebrities including Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds who put up a $5,000 reward for the bear’s safe return.

“The bear is so important to me because it was the last thing I had of my mother before she got really sick and passed away from cancer,” Soriano told Inside Edition Digital. “I hugged it and listened to it every time I missed her. She says that she loves me in our native language, that she’s proud of me, and that no matter where I am, a part of her will always be with me.”

Soriano thanks Vancouver, the media and the authorities for supporting the search. And she shouted out Reynolds via Twitter to thank him for his help in locating the priceless bear.

Canadian actor and showrunner Dan Levy, who also supported the search, congratulated Soriano on Twitter.

Mara says she doesn’t care about the stolen electronics, she’s just happy to have her bear back. And Twitter users are celebrating right along with her. 

U-Haul even sent flowers!

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca