Marvel Fans Stoked Studio Chose Its First-Ever Black Woman Director, Nia DaCosta, To Helm “Captain Marvel” Sequel

The Marvel Universe has expanded to include a real-life superhero behind the camera— the studio’s first black female director. Marvel confirmed yesterday Nia DaCosta will direct Captain Marvel 2.

DaCosta is responsible for the forthcoming and long-awaited for Candyman remake. She takes the reins from co-directors Anna Bodn and Ryan Fleck who directed the first Captain Marvel to major box office success. 

Bodn was the first woman to land Hollywood’s highly coveted superhero-movie-director role with Marvel. 

Sure, she co-directed alongside a white man just to be safe, but even Marvel can see that it only makes sense to have a woman’s perspective at the helm of a female-fronted superhero movie— their first female-fronted superhero movie.

News that DeCosta will solely direct part 2 of the successful franchise has been met with widespread enthusiasm from fans.

The release date for Captain Marvel 2 is yet to be announced, but the studio has made further moves to include more diverse voices on their productions. 

Filmmakers Cate Shortland and Chloe Zhao have been recently added to Marvel’s roster along with DaCosta. Shortland will direct the forthcoming Black Widow and Zhao is slated to direct The Eternals.

Marvel and Disney have yet to comment on DaCosta’s attachment to the film as their first black female director, but may Hollywood’s future be filled with woman-fronted, woman-made blockbusters.

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca