Stray Dog Who Kept Visiting Hyundai Dealership Given A Job And His Own Badge

Things have really turned around for a stray dog in Brazil. Tucson Prime, as he’s been named by his new guardians, has been adopted into a new home and given a high profile job.

Before his adoption in May, Tucson spent his days hanging around the Hyundai Prime dealership where staff quickly grew fond of the friendly pup who showed up day after day. 

via Instagram/ @tucson_prime

After sheltering the dog on a particularly stormy evening, Manager Emerson Mariano grew attached to the dog.

via Instagram/ @tucson_prime

The staff at Hyundai Prime named the stray and made him an official ID badge carrying team member.

Mariano told Top Motors Brazil that Tucson has had a positive impact on sales at the dealership. 

via Instagram/ @tucson_prime

He said the atmosphere on the showroom floor has improved thanks to the dog’s “very caring and docile nature.”

Mariano added that after customers purchase cars, some return just to visit Tucson, and often to bring him gifts. 

And now, for all his hard work and charisma, everybody’s favorite ‘salesdog’ has been promoted to official mascot per the dealership’s board.

“After all, the company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals,” Mariano explains.

The former stray will soon star in a national advertisement campaign for Hyundai.

Tucson may have started from the bottom, but now he’s here and people are loving it:

Susan LaMarca

Written by Susan LaMarca