Police Officer Saves Man In Wheelchair From Getting Hit By A Train At The Last Possible Second, Video Shows

Typically, when we hear about police bodycam footage in the news, it’s because a cop did something bad and needs to be held accountable. But thankfully, this daring tale of police rescue is not one of those stories!

Lodi, California police officer Erika Urrea had been patrolling near the Union Pacific Railroad tracks on Wednesday morning when she spotted an elderly man in a wheelchair who appeared to be stuck on the tracks. Unfortunately, the arm guards were already coming down to stop traffic and the train was barreling right at him, so Urrea had to literally think on her feet.

She quickly made a dash for the man but couldn’t free his wheelchair from the tracks. Instead, Urrea pulled him from the chair and out of harm’s way with not even seconds to spare—as the train smashed the wheelchair and clipped the man’s leg as she pulled him away.

After being treated at the scene the unidentified man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was listed in critical but stable condition. Given the circumstances, it seems clear that he got off lucky with his injuries.

The Lodi Police Department later posted footage of the harrowing rescue to YouTube.

“A northbound train was traveling pretty fast, and she rushed over to get him unstuck,” Sergeant Steve Maynard told the Lodi News-Sentinel. “She only had a few seconds, and for some reason, she couldn’t get the chair loose, so she grabbed hold of him and hauled him from the chair.”

“Officer Urrea risked her own life to save another, and her actions prevented a tragedy today,” added the Lodi Police Department. “We are extremely proud of Officer Urrea and her heroism.”

Urrea, who is a 14-year veteran of the department, declined to comment for the story, but clearly actions speak louder than words. It goes without saying that we could use more cops like her.

Stacey Ritzen

Written by Stacey Ritzen