Here Are Our Top 5 Most Uplifting Stories Of The Week


A 9-year-old Oklahoma boy might be on his way to finding a forever home, after touching hearts in an interview by local news station KFOR about being in foster care. Read More >>


Being a best man or maid of honor is quite a role. Your loved one recognizes you as their number one bud, the person who they are first to run to when they’re feeling down.

The number-one slot is often reserved for siblings, but for many, a best friend fits that role just as well. These two siblings, however, win the award for the greatest two-man wedding party. Read More >>


A 3-year-old was found safe with her dog after spending 24 hours lost in the woods near her home. According to a Facebook post from the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department Wisconsin toddler, Abigail Ladwig wandered away from her house Sunday evening, following the family’s Cocker Spaniel mix, Peanut. Read More >>


A surfer was saved by her husband after being attacked and mauled by a Great White shark at a popular beach in New South Wales, Australia. Chantelle Doyle was in the water with her husband, Mark Rapley, at Shelly Beach in Port Macquarie when she was attacked Saturday morning. Read More >>


Country music legend Dolly Parton has come out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Parton, who in the past has caught flak for remaining tight-lipped about political issues, voiced her indisputable support for BLM in an interview with Billboard. Read More >>

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