A Beekeeping Queen And More In Our Top 5 Most Uplifting Stories Of The Week


“Queen of the bees,” “the unstung hero” and “protector of the honeycombs” are all quippy little nicknames for one Austin woman whose beekeeping videos have gone viral on social media. Erika Thompson is taking TikTok by swarm, one educational vid at a time. Read More >>


The mother of an adorable toddler with Down Syndrome is spilling behind-the-scenes tea about her daughter’s new fashion campaign. The 2-year-old has become the face of a children’s fashion brand after the girl was scouted on her family’s Instagram page. Read More >>


With all the change this year has brought about, we’re all clinging to the little things to preserve some sense of normalcy. For some, that little thing is a skincare routine, for others, it’s grocery shopping, but for 85-year-old Gordon Blakeslee it’s mowing his lawn on his beloved 2009 red Craftsman riding lawnmower. Read More >>


Inspired by his own life-changing experience, a man in India has saved thousands from human trafficking and forced prostitution. It all started when Ajeet Sing, who was 17 and still in college, attended his cousin’s party. There he met a dancer, known as a “nautch girl”, who would be providing the evening’s entertainment. Read More >>


A heroic 3-year-old boy in Brazil saved his best friend from drowning in a pool. The close call happened earlier this month at a farm home in Itaperuna, a city north of Rio de Janeiro, when the children were alone at the pool. Read More >>

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