Watch 50 Cent Give Away Over $30,000 To Burger King Employees In Queens

50 cent

The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult on workers in all sectors, and particularly rough essential employees who make just around or slightly above minimum wage. Perhaps, this is why 50 Cent decided to pay a visit to employees at a Burger King area Queens and gift them with a surprise totaling more than $30,000 in cash.

Fiddy, who grew up in the South Jamaica neighborhood where the Burger King in question is located, was accompanied by entrepreneur Jay Mazini—who has nearly 900,000 followers on his Instagram account, where he regularly posts videos of himself giving away money and performing charitable deeds.

“Me and 50 Cent had to shut Burger King down in Southside Queens,” Manzini all-caps captioned his Instagram video of the good deed on Wednesday evening. “Passed [out] over 30,000 to these hard workers, during this pandemic. Fif told me I really like what you’re doing, I told him it’s good karma at the end of the day big bro!!!”

“Change lives and connect with real ones,” he added. “Southside Queens stand up!! Ya deserve it.”

After passing out stacks of cash to the astonished Burger King employees, 50 Cent made his appearance—causing them to completely lose it with screams of excitement.

The rapper likewise uploaded a photo and video from the night on his own Instagram, writing that Mazini is “the real deal.”

“Southside we outside Jay Mazini heart so good I don’t think he can lose,” wrote 50 Cent. “He saw me in the hood yesterday so we went tonight and showed everybody some love.”

It’s nice to know that even with everything currently going on right between a global pandemic, wildfires, climate change, Donald Trump, and more—there’s still some good in the world. Thanks to Jay and 50 Cent for making a difference in the lives of a few Burger King employees, and for passing along that good karma to the rest of the world!

Written by Stacey Ritzen