Woman Regularly Feeds Stray Cats, Dogs, And Birds, And They Follow Her Around The City Like She’s Cinderella

In New York City, the bird folks in the park are always surrounded by pigeons, doves, and other flying friends. But imagine seeing a parade of all different animals, following one woman down the street? Dilara İlter from Istanbul, Turkey, uploaded a video showing just that to Twitter in 2017—and it’s still getting tons of attention.

In the clip, which is taken from the vantage point of Dilara’s parents’ window, according to Bored Panda, you can see a woman on the street below leading a parade of dozens of dogs, cats, and birds. It’s really something.

“Every other day, she gathers stray animals around and feeds them, but at the time of recording the video, I didn’t know about this. The moment I saw her walking like that, I thought she was a wizard, with so many crows and cats,” Dilara told BP.

After the video went viral, Dilara said her mom tried to talk to the lady, but she was shy because she couldn’t speak Turkish very well.

The next year, Dilara recorded the woman again — still walking down the street surrounded by her animal court.

Apparently, every other day, the woman gathers stray animals to feed—so she is well-acquainted with these furry and feathered friends.

“I know that she feeds the animals on this street very often, which is a very common behavior in Turkey,” Dilara explained. “In Istanbul, we love and care for stray animals, especially cats. They’re the symbol of the city.”

H/T Bored Panda

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi