First Lesbian Elected In North Dakota Shuts Down Homophobic Man’s Pride Flag Opposition

carrie evans

During a town hall meeting in Minot, North Dakota, Councilwoman Carrie Evans was able to shut down a homophobic resident, who was unhappy with the town’s raising of a Pride flag. The town was supposed to raise the flag in June but because of COVID, it was delayed until September.

After it was raised, residents of the town aired their grievances regarding the flag for days up to the point when the video of her sternly making a case for the flag was taped. At the beginning of the video, the resident tries to silence Evans, saying she is not allowed to speak. But she shoots back that because she is an elected official, she cannot be silenced.

“I am proudly the first openly elected lesbian in North Dakota. So that is why I am not paying any heed to your crap,” she told the resident.

Before this town hall meeting, Councilwoman Evans’ was not public about her sexual orientation, according to the local newspaper.

“We the people. I’m the people. I live in Minot. I am a taxpayer. I am a person,” she said, “I get to see myself represented on that flagpole just as much as the people who got the Juneteenth flag last month, as much as POW/MIA will get later this month.”

She continues, “Every single person is entitled to see themselves represented. We are not some group of people who live in San Francisco or Seattle. We are here. We are your elected officials. We are your brothers. We are your sisters, and don’t tell me you’re not [feeling] our anger. That’s all I feel. I’ve had to listen to it for days now, as has the mayor and many of my colleagues. It is unacceptable!”

She concludes in saying, “I can live here and feel safe. That’s what it does. I’m sorry that it doesn’t make you feel comfortable, but we’re here, we’re queer, and we’re not going away!”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II