This Is The Way: Five-Year Old Boy Delivers Stuffed Baby Yoda To Wildfire Firefighters

While fighting some of the worst fires the west coast has ever seen, a thankful five-year-old brought the firefighting crews in Oregon a sweet extraterrestrial gift. The young boy named Carver handed the crew a stuffed Baby Yoda doll with a handwritten note, thanking them for their service.

“Thank you, firefighters. Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely. Love, Carver,” the note says.

As the crews continue to get dispatched, the stuffed toy gets passed around from crew to crew and so far, it’s been to five different crews. Marcus Kauffman of Oregon Department of Forestry told the local newspaper, The Register-Guard, “The note travels with Baby Yoda, and it goes from fire to fire. So, we just pass it around. Baby Yoda is a source of light and the force in the world.”

Carver’s grandmother, Sasha Tinning, spoke with KPTV/Fox 12 Oregon and explained to them how the idea came about. “He was the last one on the shelf, just staring at us saying, ‘Take me with you! I need to go with you.’ So, that’s kind of how it started,” she said in an interview.

A family friend named Tyler Eubanks runs a Facebook page called “Baby yoda fights fires,” which follows the doll and where it ends up. He spoke with the blog Scary Mommy, telling them, “They thought the firemen needed him. Carver wanted to put a smile on their faces and [he] hope[d] giving Yoda a hug would bring them comfort when they are away from home.”

Posted by Baby yoda fights fires on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tinning and Carver were bringing the doll to a supply drive for firefighters and wanted to make sure that the crew got the doll. “Carver walked up, and he had his mask, and he said he was bringing something for the firefighters,” she explained to KPTV/Fox 12 Oregon, “These ash-covered firefighters, just covered from head to foot, holding this Baby Yoda. Every one of those pictures just makes my heart warm. He thought…if they needed a friend, because all of them are away from their families right now.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II