Trashy Birthday: Garbage Men Gives Six-Year-Old The Best Garbage Truck Parade Ever

One of the most wholesome occurrences on earth is when kids strike up a friendship with their local trash services crew and we learn about it online.

Three-year-old Wolfgang Reader is the latest child to have a delightfully wholesome bond with the garbage men who serve his Toronto neighborhood. Fridays are always a special day for Wolfgang, who goes by Wolfy, because that’s the day the garbage trucks drive by. Wolfy loves seeing the garbage trucks so much that Friday mornings have become a whole event. He sits patiently on the porch, waiting for his friends Drew and D.J. to drive by.

As Wolfy’s third birthday party crept closer, his mom Julia Wehkamp asked him who he’d like to invite over for cake. His first choice was his buds Drew and D.J., who refer to themselves as “Wolfpack.”

And, like good pack members, Wolfpack showed up for Wolfy on his special day.

While D.J. was on vacation and couldn’t attend, Drew pulled together a whole parade of garbage trucks for Wolfie. He gathered the crew and they drove four garbage trucks by Wolfie’s house, causing quite the neighborhood commotion.

“Guys are hanging out the window, screaming,” Wehkamp told CBC Toronto. “And they pulled up out front and all the guys got out. They brought him a whole bunch of presents and shirts that they wear and hats and colouring books. The whole nine yards.”

Wolfie’s entire party was garbage truck themed, with toy trucks and garbage-themed cake and lots more creative decorations.

According to Wehkamp, the crew took an extra 30-45 minutes to play with and celebrate Wolfie on his special day.

For Drew, the day was just as special.

“It means a lot,” he told CBC Toronto. “It’s the children, they’re the next generation to come. Seeing them enthusiastic about even just something as simple as what we do in our everyday lives brings meaning and shows the importance of what everyone does in society. It just makes me feel good.”


Written by Lindsay Patton