Non-Verbal Boy With Autism Says His Name For The First Time In Adorable Viral TikTok

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Haley McGuire uses TikTok to showcase her work as a photographer. She gives behind-the-scenes looks at her different shoots and all the people she works with.


Thanks Haley & Tyler for doing a stranger shoot! 📸 #grovecity #photography #strangershoot @haleyorders

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Recently, she uploaded a video of her son Micah, who won over the entire internet.

Micah is five years old and has non-verbal autism, which means he uses minimal to no verbal language to communicate. Non-verbal autism is fairly common, with 25-50 percent of those diagnosed with autism classified as non-verbal. Many children learn to speak as they get older and Micah started saying words within the past few weeks. The development was so exciting for the family that McGuire shared the moment with her TikTok followers.


We love you, Micah 💙 #autisim #autistiktok #fyp #learningtospeak

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The video shows Micah repeating family members’ names and getting adorably excited when he got them correct. The rest of the family was in the room cheering him on when he got the names right. The TikTok went viral, getting 2.5 million views and 713.9k likes.

There’s a video that’s even better than that, though.

After McGuire posted a TikTok of Micah saying family names, she uploaded a second video that is even more heartwarming. McGuire and her family allowed the internet to watch Micah say his own name for the very first time.


Micah 💙 #autisim #speak #ohio #words #proudparents

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We don’t know who has the better reaction: Micah or the family members in the background.

The second video spread even more than the first, with two million likes and nearly nine million views.

Knowing how much the internet LOVES Micah, McGuire uploaded a video with an update on Micah’s progress. In it, her husband is helping Micah with his words and Micah is responding positively.


Micah update; He is STILL talking! 🥰 thank you all so much for loving and cheering for him! 💙 #autisim #speak

♬ original sound - haleymcguire23

In the caption, McGuire reassures us that Micah is STILL talking.


Written by Lindsay Patton