Blind Golden Retriever Gets A Seeing Eye Puppy And Now They’re BFFs


Everyone needs a little help sometimes, even dogs. 

Ten-year-old golden retriever Tao had to have both of his eyes removed, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying his life with his human, Melanie.

But now this incredible dog has a new pal to help him get around — his very own seeing eye puppy.

Oko was introduced into the family just over two months ago, and it seems like the two became fast friends.

Melanie posts photos of Tao and Oko to the Instagram page she had previously created for Tao, where both good boys get lots of love and attention from strangers who are happy to see them enjoying their lives and their time together.

Oko is still very young, but it’s obvious he’s already learning how to help Tao out when he needs it.

Tao began losing eyesight in early 2019, when he was very suddenly diagnosed with glaucoma that was already advanced beyond the point of reversal.

Surgery to remove one eye was performed due to the pain the glaucoma was causing him, and Tao’s condition was managed for eleven months before his other eye had to be removed as well.

But Melanie says Tao has adapted as well as can be expected. “He is amazing. He’s so well-trained—he listens to every command. He can go off-lead and waits if you are by a road,” she said. “He does everything that we have always done.”

And with Oko by his side, hopefully Tao will be feeling even more safe and secure than he already clearly is with a human so devoted to making sure he lives out the rest of his days like any other well-loved dog.

Rachel Kiley

Written by Rachel Kiley