Modern-Day Romeo & Juliet: Couple Who Met On Instagram During Lockdown Are Getting Married

An Italian couple from Verona fell in love during the lockdown in Italy and have announced that they are getting married. Paola Agnelli and Michele D’Alpaos have been referred to as the “modern-day Romeo and Juliet” and the internet has been following their love story.

The couple first saw each other at the height of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown at it’s most strict when people were barely allowed to leave their apartment. After spotting her, he found her on Instagram and sent her a message. The pair would listen to music every night together at 6 p.m. until they were able to finally meet up when restrictions eased.

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In an interview with Insider, Agnelli said, “Michele immediately asked me if he could follow me on Instagram, and from there we started talking until late at night every day.”

The pair messaged for a week on Instagram and then moved over to the messaging app, WhatsApp. It wasn’t until May 4 when they were finally able to go on a date. Agnelli said that the pair were both excited to see each other.

“We went to the gardens near the house and we kissed and hugged for the first time. We will always remember that magical moment. It was the beginning of daily life together,” she said. “He told me he wants to marry me, that he will always want me in his life.”

Being from the town where the famous Shakespeare play was based on, the couple considered getting married in Juliet’s house. They still are not set on time nor date, but they are set on each other.

Agnelli told Insider, “I felt butterflies in my stomach for the first time. He is very similar to my grandfather, he has the same goodness of mind, the same values, principles, he is close to family, nice, intelligent. I think that my grandfather, who was called Michele, gave me meeting Michele as a gift from heaven.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II