This 2-Year-Old Is BFFs With A 5-Foot-Tall Skeleton And Brings Him Everywhere

The internet has fallen in love with a toddler and his best friend, a plastic skeleton that he brings everywhere. His mom, Abigail Brady, filmed him at the park with the Halloween decoration as well as him bringing the five-foot-tall set of bones to go run errands with them.

Two-year-old Theo and his skeleton pal, Benny, have been making people smile as Brady documents their unusual friendship.

“2020 has been probably one of the craziest years in a while and I know it has brought a lot of people a lot of turmoil and a lot of hardship,” Abigail told TODAY Parents, “My hope is that this can just spread some happiness. Even if it makes someone’s day for a couple of minutes, that makes me so happy.”

The skeleton was found by Theo when she had to clean up their basement that flooded.


Abigail and Theo had just gotten back from hanging out at a reservoir nearby and as she started cleaning out the basement, she ran upstairs for a moment and came back to Theo asking for help.

“Mom, mom, help, help, help,” he said to his mom as he’s attempting to drag the skeleton up the stairs.

She thought it was so funny and helped Theo bring it up the stairs to use it as a decoration, but as they were heading to play in the park Theo refused to get in the car unless he came too—so she brought the skeleton.

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Some friendships never die

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But once they got to the local reservoir, he wouldn’t get out of the car without Benny.


His mom said, “I was like, ‘This is going to be fun. We’ll just bring the skeleton with us and it’ll be a party.’ Ever since then, the skeleton’s been coming everywhere with us.”

On TikTok and Twitter, followers of the pair can see all of their adventures. He’s brought Benny, which is a reference to the skeleton character in “Halloweentown,” to the beach, the playground and to the grocery store.

“It’s funny to see him put food in Benny’s mouth and it just drops down through his ribs,” Abigail said. “Theo thinks it’s so funny.”


Brady told TODAY that it brings her joy that people are enjoying seeing her son and his new best friend together. “My biggest thing is just helping to make people smile, a lot of people just love it,” she said

Written by Moises Mendez II