Woman From “Christian Girl Autumn” Meme Donates Money To The Meme Creator’s Transition Fund

Sometimes memes are very good. In this case, the “Christian Girl Autumn” meme not only brought laughs, but created a lifelong bond between its creator and its subject.

In 2019, Twitter user Natasha uploaded a photo of two white women with scarves and sweaters and captioned it “Hot Girl Summer is coming to an end, get ready for Christian Girl Autumn 🍂😍”

To find the image, Natasha Googled “fall outfits from 2011” and up popped Caitlin Covington and Emily Gemma.

The tweet went viral and as a result, people wanted to know who these mystery Christian Girl Autumn women were. Eventually, Covington and Gemma were discovered and the two ended up getting a huge follower boost thanks to the tweet.

Luckily, Covington and Gemma are completely comfortable and confident in their “basic” interests and immediately loved the tweet.

“I can’t deny that I love fall and everything that goes along with it! When it comes to fall, I totally admit to being ‘basic,’ and I’m okay with that,” Covington told Insider.

The two women connected with Natasha to thank her for the follower boost and tell her how funny they thought the tweet was. They told her they wanted to get Starbucks one day and that because of the meme, they will always share a connection.

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Natasha, who is trans, recently began to transition and set up a GoFundMe to cover medical bills, hormones, and any surgeries, if they are elected.

She found immediate support in Covington.

Thanks to Covington’s large social media platform, the tweet received 9.9k likes and 1.6k retweets.

One Twitter user noticed Covington’s name on the GoFundMe and took a screenshot of her $500 donation.

Natasha tweeted back the love:

If you’d like to help Natasha out you can donate to her GoFundMe here.


Written by Lindsay Patton