Mark Cuban Helps Former NBA Player Delonte West Get Off The Street And Into Rehab

Dallas Maverick’s owner, Mark Cuban, was able to reconnect former NBA point guard, Delonte West, with his mother and helped him check into a rehab facility. A photo of West began to go viral last week and prompted his mother to search for her son, so she asked Cuban for help and he was able to track Delonte down.

Former Maverick’s player, Delonte, who was open about his battle with bipolar disorder, was found on Monday and was reconnected with his mother in a hotel paid for by Mark Cuban. According to TMZ, West denied going to rehab multiple times and the family struggled to get him to go.

After being found begging on the streets, he agreed to go and Cuban is paying for the treatment. The Daily Mail reported that Cuban declined to comment on the situation through a team spokesperson. But Mark did confirm that the two met at a gas station.

“He’s a sweet and humble person, he’s not violent or aggressive at all, ever,” Lenora “Quinn” Cole said, who shared the video of Cuban and West meeting, “He has a good heart and a good sense of humor, he’s just addicted to embalming fluid and alcohol. It’s really sad.”

She continues, “I was trying to get him help, but he was really paranoid, he didn’t seem to trust anyone but me. It was really hard to convince him that he needed to accept professional help and go into rehab.”

Cole explained that she paid for his phone bill and did her best to make sure that he was always safe and cut out smoking and drinking so that she can give her friend what little money she could afford to give him.

“He’s in a really bad place right now but I think he’s finally ready to accept some help to get sober and get his life back on track.”

“I’m so thankful that Mark stepped in to help him get what he needs,” she said, “This is exactly what I was praying for. I love Delonte like a little brother, he’s a good person. I really think this will be a turning point for him.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II